Ig3x Support Capsules 120C

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Ig3x Ig3x Support Capsules 120C

Serum-Derived Immunoglobulin Concentrate - High Potency IgG for extreme anti-oxidant support and maintaining glutathione levels.

Ig3x Support represents a breakthrough in immunoglobulin supplementation. It is a highly concentrated, non-dairy source of serum-derived immunoglobulin antibodies and immunoproteins. It possesses 3 times more IgG and total immunoglobulins than colostrum and has twice as much cysteine, an important amino acid for maintaining glutathione levels.

Ig3x Support delivers 15 times the level of transferrin and lactoferrin than colostrum alone. These and other immune proteins contained in IgG 2000 DF™ have been shown to demonstrate enhancement in immune function by directly boosting immunoglobulin levels in the gastrointestinal tract to support good bowel motility and healthy gut flora. Ig3x Suppory™ also contains transferrin and the immunomodulating cytokine TGFB-1.